• Q1-2 2018
    Concept development

    Arbitly vision was thought out and developed into a proper shape.

  • Q3 2018
    Website and Whitepaper

    Redesign of website goes live.
    Whitepaper released.
    DeepTrade Engine goes live.
    Arbitly Cloud released.

  • Q4 2018
    Website and Whitepaper

    Newer version of Whitepaper released.
    DeepTrade Engine Upgraded.
    Arbity Cloud+ released.

  • Q1-2 2019
    Alpha Test

    In-house testing of functional completed.
    Prototype published and linked to Ethereum blockchain with real-time scanning.

  • Q3 2019
    Platform Beta Test

    Private closed beta.
    Open beta launched to public for feedback.

  • Q4 2019
    Platform Launched

    The Arbitly platform is launched in full version - v1.0

  • Q1-2 2020
    Platform Upgrade

    The Arbitly platform upgraded with new features - v2.0

  • Q3 2020
    Additional Exchanges

    More Exchanges added to the system to use for traders.

  • Q4 2020
    Arbitrage Trading System for Alt-coin

    Arbitrage platform latest upgrade with additional features like arbitrage trading for Alt-coin.

  • Q1-2 2021
    -IOS & Android App

    The Arbitly IOS and Android App to be released.