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Be part of the chain, which makes you stronger, every time you refer someone.

Promote Arbitly. Earn Bitcoins

Word of mouth is the quickest source to spread about something. So why not gain as well from it?

Refer your friends and earn up to 15% from each referral, who completes a trading order.

Healthy Program

Join over 500 affiliates, who are already experiencing the industry’s highest paying referral program.

Program Payout

With over $250,000 already paid out, it's obvious to see the potential our referral program got for the users.

Competitive Rates

Start at 10% commission and increase up to 15% based on your campaign performance.

Average Commission

With $50 being the average commission per order, you will quickly see a return on the investment.

Average Order Value

Unlike the competitors, our platforms generate an average order value of $500.

Quality Marketing Content

Save time and money on content creation, instead use content from our blogs and as well using video tutorials, tools, free banners, info and visual content developed by Arbitly.

How it Works

Tell your friends about our platforms with including your referral link.


Your friends sign up and successfully completes a trade.


You earn up to 15% of each completed trade from every friend you refer.

RegularstatusRegular Affiliate Program

Receive up to 10% commission from your referrals, no limits or maximum restriction.

PARTNERstatusPartner Affiliate Program

Receive up to 15% commission from your referrals, no limits or maximum restriction.


Partner Requirements

Bringing users from a specific region / country.

Providing support to users in your region / country.

Community management in your region / country.

Installation deposit $10,000 (one-time)

The average amount of your referrals must be 10 or more.

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